Nov. 2, 2016 Minutes

North Ogden Elementary Community Council
Nov 2, 2016 meeting

Meeting called to order at 3:08 pm
In attendance: Phil Nestoryak, Teresa Larson, Amy Ellis, Kim Wahlquist, Cindy Smoot, Mike Hipwell, Jen Sacre, and Kimberly Barker
Guest: Melissa LeeMaster – Reading Specialist Agenda

Review of minutes -
• Teresa presented highlights from the September meeting. She asked if anyone had objections to the elections made at that time. All council members were ok with the elections. Mr. Nestoryak motioned to approve the minutes and Amy gave the second. Vote was unanimous.

Welcome new members-
• Teresa introduced new parent members Kimberly Barker and Jen Sacre.

Reading Specialist data review-
• Melissa Leemaster told us that this year the district has set a growth goal instead of just having students reach green. Growth right now in the state is at 47.83%, the District is at 74% and NOE is at 61.16%.
Kindergarten 41 students 2015-2016
BOY 63 % green MOY 63% green EOY 73% green 2016-17 BOY 65%
1st grade (students transition into blending and short and long vowels)
BOY 72% MOY 68% EOY 66% 2016-17 BOY 79%
2nd grade
BOY 74% MOY 74% EOY 73% 2016-17 BOY 76%
3rd grade (Note: the report sent to the state is based on this grade alone)
BOY 72% MOY76% EOY 79% 2016-17 BOY 73%
Previous years
2012-13 BOY overall 53%
2013-14 BOY overall 57%
2014-15 BOY overall 66%
2015-16 BOY overall 71%
2016-17 BOY overall 74%
Last year our goal was 80% of students will reach strategic or above. This counted both the yellow and green categories, now the district wants only the yellow category counted.
Mike asked how the new students from the boundary change have impacted the numbers this year. Melissa said that only 40 new students joined our school and 2nd grade was the only grade where she saw an impact.
• The District goal for SAGE and DEBELS correlation is .736. This is figured as .736 x .757 = 55.7% on SAGE. NOE was at 51%. Many reasons factor into why students are not reaching the goal. Melissa mentioned that writing weighs heavily on the score and we are fortunate to have Mrs. Overdeik helping students with computer skills such as keyboarding so they can get better at writing on the computer. Mike said Ogden District uses Typing Club for keyboarding and asked what we use. Mrs. Overdeik uses Keyboard Chatter and student can use it for free at home by going through her blog.
2016 SAGE scores
42% Language
48% Math
47% Science
DIBELS 2016 EOY results
3rd grade 79%
4th grade 74%
5th grade 65%
6th grade 85%
• How has the Trustlands money helped? It has funded an AmeriCorps Aide who oversaw 25 volunteers and they helped 38 students. It also got us a Reading Aide for 20 hrs per week and a Computer Specialist.
• Melissa hosted a summer camp this year for students who had been being helped during the year. It was on an invitation basis and 34 students attended. She used Starfall for Kindergarten using short vowels and for 1st grade using long vowels. Reading Horizon was used for 2nd grade with sight words. 3rd grade used Reading Horizon and Maze (a program that removed\every 8th word). Students had homework each week and now 10 of those 34 do not need reading help. The cost was $1500.00.
• Mike suggested offering an advanced reading class next summer with incentives. Kim said a read-a-thon or book club.

2015-16 Final Report –
• Council discussed how money was spent to achieve each goal. Total expenditures came to 39102.00 and carryover from 2014-15 was $9447.00. Goal 1 budgeted $18000.00 and spent $18010.00. Goal 2 budgeted $4000.00 and spent $5455.00. Goal 3 budgeted $8900.00 and spent $5508.00 because we did not have to pay the art teacher salary but we will have to next year and Goal 4 budgeted $4000.00 and spent $5455.00. Increased distribution was spent on replacement of the main printer in the amount of $12684.97. For the computer Specialist we had budgeted $10000.00 but cost only came to $8000.00
• We also reviewed how the 2016-17 money is being spent. Total allocated is $41029.97 and YTD we have spent $8538.80. Carryover was $4529.97.
• $5000.00 was spent on Goal 2 – Math – to purchase Tenmarks licensing for 1 year so many more teachers could use it.

Amendment B –
• Amendment B would change the amount schools get from Trustlands from 2-2.5% to 4%. This additional money would come from the estimated 79 million earned from dividends. This law is grounded in economic principles and if passed would go into effect 2017-18.

Emergency Procedures –
• Mr. Nestoryak went over a memo sent from the District regarding the following safety issues –
Locked doors – schools should be made “hard targets”. One way to do this is by keeping all exterior doors locked.
ID Badges - All district employees must wear their badges at all time to make them easily identifiable.
Visitors – Staff should have visitors check in at the main office before going to any other part of the building.
Emergency Packs – The district is working on putting a small, red, backpack and a five gallon bucket with essential emergency supplies in every classroom. These would be easily transported is the need arose.
Child Access Routing Plan – The District is working on standardizing these plans so not changes will be seen until at least next year.
Standard Response Protocol (SRP) – All employees should regularly review these and understand them. Schools should also educate the public and parents so they know the difference between a “lockdown” and a “lockout” for instance.
• Teresa said a parent had asked her what the protocol is if the students are at recess and a threat happens. If the threat is outside the student would be immediately brought in. If the threat is inside then student would be taken behind the city building to shelter out of sight.

Next Year’s Plan –
• Mr. Nestoryak asked we bring ideas of where Trustland money should be spent to the January meeting.
• Kim suggested any carryover be spent on offering teachers collaboration time and PLC time to observe other teachers. He also said teachers could use supplemental internet support and web distribution throughout the building.
• It was also suggested that teachers who use Chromebooks could use more training on them and Google.
• Another suggestion was we look into purchasing headphones, mice and other devices since the school is good in infrastructure.
• Cindy offered that Ogden District has a camera that teachers can hold a test up to and it grades the test and records the grade for the teacher.

Other –
• There is a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday or Tuesday for the new playground going in on the west side of the building.
• Food drive – we are currently in 3rd place but the PTA is reaching out to businesses for monetary donations. Whatever prize we end up winning will be split 50/50 between PTA and the school.
• Fundraising – the money earned by the schools fundraising is going toward another Chromebook lab. Amy said she had seen where fundraising was done during Halloween and instead of the kids collecting candy the collected canned food.
• Teresa asked who was teaching the Digital Citizenship this year. Mrs. Overdeik is teaching students during computer lab but next year the teachers will be teaching it.

Meeting motion to adjourn was at 4:30 by Mike.

Next meeting is January 18th at 9:00 AM. Plan on a long meeting as we will be preparing next year’s Trustland plan.

** Please remember to record meeting time on the volunteer sheets**

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