Jan. 18, 2017 Minutes

North Ogden Elementary Community Council
Jan 18, 2017 meeting

Meeting called to order @ 9:10 AM

In attendance: Phil Nestoryak, Amy Ellis, Kim Wahlquist, Teresa Larson, Mike Hipwell and Cindy Smoot
Excused: Jen Sacre
Absent: Kim Barker


Review of minutes –
• Mike gave a synopsis of last meeting’s minutes . Kim motioned to approve and Mr. Nestoryak gave the 2nd. Vote was unanimous.

2015-2016 Final report –
• Mr. Nestoryak passed out a document detailing Trustland expenditures as determined by the community council. This was to give us a reference to begin drafting next year’s plan with.

2016-2017 Plan copy –
• Mr. Nestoryak passed out a document detailing Trustland expenditures so far this year and showing planned expenditures. Both documents were helpful to council
• Some questions that came up as we looked over the plans were:
o Mr. Nestoryak said he had looked over many plans from other schools and the District guidance on Trustland plans and found that the District wants goals narrowed down to 2 or maybe 3.
o Teresa asked about the Art Specialist being put in a goal. Mr. Nestoryak said he has paid her salary and supplies from other school funds and not TrustLands. We are one of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art schools along with 3 others. The District also has 4 immersion schools teaching Chinese and Spanish.
o It was asked “How is Mrs. Leemaster paid?” Her salary comes from the K-3rd grade state funds. The school also gets reading grant money.

Next year’s plan 2017-2018 Estimated Trustland Allocation $55,611 -
• It looks like the Amendment B that passed last fall gave schools a good increase in funds.
• It was suggested that Goal 1 be reading and writing and Goal 2 be math and science to bring the plan down to two goals. Council discussed the following to create next year’s plan.
• AmeriCorps – total cost of that program is $18,000 of which the school pays half. Last year the cost was $8,000 so allocation kept at $8,000.
• Reading Aide kept at $10,000
• Reading Camp $1,500. Mike wants to see this expanded to more students. Teachers agreed and said including strategic students would be a benefit. Last summer the costs were $200 supplies, $1,407.30 salary totaling $1,607.30.
• Teachers want the PLC block continued so allocating $8,000 for computer Aide and $3,000 for PE Aide.
• TenMarks helps teachers know where students are in their math knowledge. Grades 3-6 have been using it at a cost of $16.00 per student making the cost $5760.00 for the year. Mr. Nestoryak let concil know that the District will be getting a new math program next year but we will still be utilizing TenMarks too. It was also discussed that all computer programs that students use are vetted by the District IT to make sure they protect student privacy information.
• Chromebooks – Mr. Nestoryak is leasing another lab next year. 3rd grade will be moving to Chromebooks instead of using I-Pads. The I-Pads will be used in kindergarten through 2nd grades. The District limits Chromebook and I-Pad life to 4 years and after that the device should be replaced. That is where leasing instead of buying becomes the better option. Council allocated $5,000 for the leasing of 2 labs for grades 4th and 5th. May is when the schools can sign up to lease the labs but Mike said it’s better to wait until July or August to get a better price.
• It was brought up that headphones were needed but Mr. Nestoryak has just purchased 150.
• Reading Incentives – students now are having a reward party with two mystery boxes. Council would like to expand those incentives.
• Mrs. Shaw would like to add more books to the school library. Teachers agree this would help students pursue the 20 book reading challenge. Allocating $5,500 to be split between books and reading incentives.
• Professional development – teachers from kindergarten, Special Education, and the Reading Specialists have not been able to go and observe other teachers. Mr. Nestoryak would like to give them that opportunity so allocating $1,500.
• Teresa has found that Trustland money can be spent on educational fieldtrips. Council agreed that students also need this experience so allocating $7,000 which will be divided on a per student basis to make it fair across all grades.
• Other suggestions not specifically funded were:
o Substitutes – cost is $70/day
o Online supplemental programs
o Equipment replacement
o Music/Art learning
o Mrs. Leemaster’s needs for reading
o More Aide time
Any additional funds received may help with any of the above suggestions.
Basic breakdown of things council wants to fund are:
Educational Fieldtrips $7,000
AmeriCorps $8,000
Reading Aide $10,000
Reading Camp $1,500
Computer Specialist $8,000
TenMarks $5,760
Chromebooks – 2 labs, 1 yr lease $5,351
Reading Incentives & Library books $5,500
Professional Development Training $1,500
PE Aide PLC time $3,000
Total $52,911

Motion to adjourn given by Mr. Nestoryak @ 10:40 AM

Future Meetings:
Wednesday, February 15th @ 3:00 pm
Wednesday, march 1st @ 3:00 pm

*Please remember to write in your council time on volunteer sheets*

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