Mar. 1, 2017 Minutes

North Ogden Elementary Community Council
Mar 1, 2017 meeting

Meeting called to order at 3:05pm

In attendance: Teresa Larson, Phil Nestoryak, Mike Hipwell, Amy Ellis, Kim Wahlquist, Cindy Smoot and Jen Sacre
Absent: Kimberly Barker
Guest: Melissa LeeMaster – Reading Specialist


Review of Minutes –
• Kim motioned to approve and Cindy gave the second

New Year’s plan – 2017-2018 Estimated Trustland Allocation $55,611.00
• Melissa informed us that the Literacy Grant has had a surplus which was used to pay a Reading Aide salary. That had to be spent down so now we will lose 1 Reading Aide if we do not fund them through Trustlands. She showed us Hattie data which supported the work of the Reading Aide and how much they benefits students.
• Mr. Nestoryak had reviewed the Trustland plan with her and he found the best way to keep the Reading Aide was to forgo funding educational fieldtrips which freed up $7000.00. Some council members were concerned that fieldtrip funding would be lost but Mr. Nestoryak stated those could also be funded through the school fundraiser.
• Council took another look at where we had decided to allocate funds. All other allocations were felt would be good to keep.
• Council also discussed other funds that the school gets from box tops, Lee’s receipts and Smith’s. All which can help fund buses and etc. for fieldtrips.
• Mr. Nestoryak said the District is looking to adopt TenMarks and has meetings scheduled in April so he may know in the spring if the District adopts TenMarks and then the allocation for that could be used elsewhere. He also stated that most schools use their Trustland monies for salaries and not much else.
• The final plan is due to the District by March 10th. Mr. Nestoryak made a motion to approve the plan as written and Cindy gave the second. The vote was unanimous in favor.

Other –
• Teresa said she had looked at the attendance policy on the school website and found it sorely lacking. It did not address elementary age students and did not have clear guidelines on how to excuse a student when needed. She had looked at several other schools who have better and more informative information. Mr. Nestoryak showed us what had been sent home to parents at the beginning of the year and it did not match the website. Teresa will put together a document with that and other information to put on the website. She also asked that the attendance policies be moved under the Parent tab instead of the News tab.
• Teresa brought up that she, Cindy and Mike were in year 2 their 2 year term as council members. She wanted to get information out to parents about what community council is so there would be parents to fill any vacancies. Teresa wanted information about what community council does given to parents at kindergarten round-up. It was decided that elections for any vacant council positions will be held in the spring instead of at the beginning of the school year. May 4th is the Art show and choir concert so parents will be asked at that time to vote on new council members.

• Mike suggested that after the announcement of the community council meeting date and time on the marquis it also state “all parents invited”.

• May 10th @ 3:00 will be our last council meeting. This will be to vote in newly elected members.

Mr. Nestoryak motioned to adjourn @ 4:20pm

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