May 16, 2017 Minutes

North Ogden Elementary Community Council

May 16, 2017 meeting

Meeting called to order at 3:36pm


In attendance: Teresa Larson, Phil Nestoryak, Amy Ellis, Kim Wahlquist, Cindy Smoot and Jen Sacre

Absent: Kimberly Barker, Mike Hipwell


Review of open Community Council positions

  • Mr. Nestoryak presented the 6 names of parents who were nominated to serve on next year’s Community Council. They are as follows:
  • Trevor Ward
  • Michael Hipwell (his 2nd year of his 1st term was up this year)
  • Jason Chambers
  • James Wright
  • Leah Kenney
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Jen Sacre just finished her 1st year of her 1st term so she will be staying on.
  • Mr. Nestoryak brought the idea of increasing council size from 2 staff and 5 parents to 3 staff and 7 parents for next year. This change would allow all nominated parents to serve.  Jen said she thought the current make-up was fine. Cindy said the increase may help if some parents do not come to meetings then there would still be a majority. Phil motioned to approve the increase and Teresa gave the 2nd. The vote was unanimous in favor of increase. The faculty will still need to vote on this change. The nominated faculty members for next year are Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Brown.

Review of approved Trustland plan 2017-2018 -

  • Council reviewed plan and discussed where and how funds had been allocated. 
  • Bonnie Nelson came in with up to date totals on how Trustland money was    being spent on the 2016-2017 plan.


  • Weber School District is placing a preschool in our school next year. The preschool will take the current AmeriCorps room and AmeriCorps will move to a 1st grade classroom. There will be one accredited teacher and a preschool aide for the 12-14 students per class. There will be 1 call in the morning and 1 in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with Wednesday being a teacher prep day. Applicants qualify by age (4yrs old before September 2nd) and by family income.
  • Teresa asked what happened to the deaf class that was supposed to be coming to our school and Mr. Nestoryak said that it went to a school in the Ogden School District instead.
  • Mr. Nestoryak said the preliminary SAGE results were in.
  • Teresa asked about the hover board policy. Mr. Nestoryak said there were issues with students bringing them into school and riding them so it was decided that they were like scooters which are to be left outside with bicycles. Since these are not able to be secured outside he wanted students not to bring them at all.
  • Teresa asked about the policy of not asking parents for money. Mr. Nestoryak read council a letter he had just received from Weber School District Director Gina Butters. It had a sample donation letter attached which could be sent to parents with the school supply list. The new school supply list will not include housekeeping supplies like paper towels because those are addressed in the donation letter. Also Mr. Nestoryak was meeting with teachers to plan fieldtrips and activities teachers wish to with the class so parents can base any donations on that information. The letter also states that if parents do not or cannot supply instructional material such as pencils that the school will provide those. Council discussed having a suggested amount per student attached to each activity listed so parents had an idea of a donation amount.  It was suggested that the donation letter be sent out in October instead since buying everything for school and then donating is just too much for most families.

Mr. Nestoryak motion to adjourn at 4:20 pm

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