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Survey Informed Consent

Our school uses Panorama as an all-in-one data platform to support student learning. The tool helps teachers and administrators visualize and interpret data to directly improve student outcomes. We use the platform to monitor academic and behavioral progress with students as well as to raise awareness of their emotional and mental health needs. Panorama helps us provide a wide range of just-in-time information and related supports to ensure high levels of success for all students. 

Please click the link below for all Survey information...

Student Emotional and Mental Well-Being Survey






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School breakfast and lunches will be free this year for all students.
Click on the link to see our School policy regarding phones on the Campus
Early Out Day
Friday Nov 12th @1:00
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Leader in Me
7 Habits

Rise to be your best!

Our Mission 

North Ogden Elementary will focus on what works to achieve high levels of learning for all students in a safe and caring environment. 


Our Vision

It is our vision to collectively collaborate, embrace change, focus on best practices, use date to make informed decisions and assist students in becoming confident, resposnsible, scholars who persevere, take ownership and succeed in their learning. 



-Open communication with parents and students

-Collaborate regularly with one another to create conditions that provide equity and promote student success

-Hold high expectations for student achievement and character for all students

-High expectations for teacher growth

-Believe all students can learn at high levels and guide students in making responsible choices for their lives and the learning process

-Assist each student in transitions (year to year, in school programs, etc.)

Provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically and intellectually safe

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