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February 12, 2019   Community Council Meeting 3:32 p.m.


Community Council Members present  - Phil Nestoryak, Jacob Burnett, Jolaine Garner, Stewart McCowin, Sharon Brown,  Mike Hipwell


Interested parent - Julie Satterwhite


Mr. Nestoryak handed out the NOE 2019-2020 School Plan. He emailed all members a copy of how the Trustlands monies are being used for aides to all council members.


Goal #1 80% of students in K-3rd will show typical to well above typical growth according to the pathways of progress on the end of the year DIBELs assessment.


The district will not be funding Americorp next year due to Federal funding. Our reading specialist will not be training a replacement but rather training our current aides with more instruction. These aides provide specific strategies for our struggling students. We still want to use our volunteers as future helpers/volunteers in our school. We plan to send out an invite to them.


Bonnie Nelson explained the Trustland Overview sheet. (see attached)


Mr. Nestoryak proposed that the $9,000 from Americorps will go instead to our reading aides. After school reading class and Summer Reading Camp are provided to students in need by invitation only. The plan is to keep the current aides and to fund an another aide part time (3.5 hours) with the Americorps budget for next year.


Mr. Hipwell proposed that we should raise 60% to 65% of our 3-6 grade students to be proficient on the end of year math assessment. Discussion was shared that our school scored around 57% which is above Weber School District average.  Council members decided to keep it at 60%. Mrs. Brown mentioned that NOE students have increased their math scores by identifying students’ needs and providing interventions taught by teachers instead of solely on the use of TenMarks. TenMarks has been very beneficial but it will no longer be available next year. Mr. McCowin asked, “What if we don’t meet the goal? What happens?” Mr. Nestoryak mentioned that we would look over and evaluate that goal and decide at that time if a change would need to take place.


Mr. Nestoryak continued to review the budget and mentioned continuing costs of updated technology used in our school.


Since we are a 1:1 technology school, the Weber School District paid 51% of the costs of Chromebooks and NOE paid 49% of the costs. $17k is a part of the cost used to purchase additional chromebooks and carts for 1-6 grades for next year.  The district covers most of the costs for our PE specialist and our librarian. Ms. Webb is paid through a grant that covers about 90% of her salary. Our school funds 5-10% of her salary. Julie Satterwhite inquired about NOE being an “art school” and if more monies can be used for art themed activities. Council members discussed that in actuality, we are more literacy, mathematics, and technology based. Discussion was presented that teachers do not have the extra time to give to the arts. Teachers who were  presents mentioned that they felt that the 1:1 use of technology make NOE more technology based and focused.


Mention was made that the north playground will be removed as of March 1 by the City of North Ogden. A new design will be put in shortly thereafter. WSD will support with wood chips and a cement walkway around the playground. The remainder of the funding for the new playground will be provided by North Ogden City.


Mr. Nestoryak is hopeful that next time we meet as a council, we will vote and submit this proposal on March 5, 2109 for approval. Additionally, he will provide  the names of members who have served on the council in order to determine who who need to continue with their two year commitment, and who may want to open their seat to a new members for the following year.


Motion to adjourn at 4:23

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