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Community Council
Thursday, January 16, 2020
Library, The meeting began at 3:30 p.m.

Community Council 1/16/20

In attendance

Phil Nestoryak – Member

Sharon Brown – Member

Kellie Johnson – chair person

Jake Burnett – member

Mike Hipwell – member

Annette Lewis – member

Kurliston Braegger – visitor

Kristin Smout – secretary

Points of discussion:

  • · School Trust Land Website
  • NOE is posted and you can see the budget and how money is spent
  • ·     We talked about the reading goals that were put in place that we are working on this year.
  • ·     We talked about K-3 DIBELS reading scores and growth that has been made.
  • ·We talked about BARK for schools, WSD wants our students to be responsible and safe online. BARK explanation email will be sent to parents/guardians - Wednesday, February 5th.

    BARK monitors our students’ G Suite (previously known as Google Suite) accounts and will alert administration and parents to digital dangers. BARK monitors the following: Gmail: Subject, Body, Attachments (Images and Videos) Gmail Chat: Text (previously known as Hangouts) G Drive: Photos, Videos, PDFs, Office documents (.doc, .docx), Plain text files Google Docs: Content, Embedded Images, Comments, and Replies. 

    Monitoring the EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNT is free.
    Parents can purchase monitoring for their student’s other (personal) accounts (e.g., Snapchat , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for a small monthly fee -$9/month for a family

    Parents should view THIS LINK to see exactly which services are monitored.
  • We watched a video about BARK.
  • · As for next year’s goals.
  1. We want to keep our first goal the same of having 80% of our students in K-3 will show typical or above typical growth on the DIBELS assessment. 2018-2019 school year 72.5% our K-3 students made typical or above growth. 
  2. We want to change our 2nd goal to 65% of our 3-6th grade students will be proficient on the end of year math assessment. 60.25% 3rd-6th grade students demonstrated proficiency last school year. 

It was also discussed that parents are not using the drop off/pick up lane appropriately. Many are not pulling all the way up, causing back up, parking and getting out of their vehicles, or driving up in the drive-through lane and encouraging their children to run across the drop off/pick up lane creating an unsafe environment. It was also mentioned that parents are driving up through the west teacher parking lot in the morning to drop off their children, often not paying attention to the crosswalk and then having to precariously back up. We will start placing cones there to discourage parents from doing that. 

The meeting ended at 4:21 p.m.

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