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Community Council 3/5/20

In attendance

Phil Nestoryak – Member

Sharon Brown – Member

Jake Burnett – member

Kellie Johnson - Chair

Brandi Budge – Member

Julie Satterhwaite – Visitor

Kurliston Braegger – parent

Megan Sanders - parent

Kristin Smout – secretary

The meeting began at 3:39 p.m.

Points of discussion:

  • In this meeting, we went through upcoming LAND trust plan and voted.
  1. Goal #1 - K-3 will show typical too well above growth according to the pathways of progress on the end of year DIBELS assessment, the focus is on growth. Action Plan steps include; reading aides, AmeriCorps, after school reading, and summer reading camp.
  2. Goal #2 - Math goal for 3-6 grade 65% of students will be proficient on the end of year assessment.
  3. Went over the money and where the Trust Lands Funds are spent
  • Phil motioned to vote on the plan, Megan Sanders seconded the voting. All voted in favor of the plan

The meeting ended at 4:33 p.m.

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