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Community Council Notes – 12/16/20

The meeting started at 3:30 pm


Shirley Passey

Lynn Raymond

Theodore Rock

Kelly Johnson

Sharon Brown

This training/meeting will be recorded so those who are no in attendance can view the material covered in the meeting. 

Lynn is reporting on internet safety

  • Iboss filters are used in the district
  • Filtering is done by  groups
    • Elementary staff students
    • Jr. High staff students
    • High School staff students
  • Social Media – all social media is blocked but twitter, youtube is allowed but safe search and restricted modes are enforced.
  • If things are searched (inappropriate material) a report is sent to the principal
  • Bark – monitors students on their WSD account – This is a service for parents. It is free for the WSD account only. Paid versions are available to parents if they want to monitor other accounts not linked to the WSD student account. 
    • Gmail
    • Gmail chat
    • G Drive
    • Google Docs
  • CIPA Training will be in the spring this year
  • Trustlands money report needs to be turned in by January


The meeting ended at 3:47 pm

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