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Community Council Meeting Notes March 10, 2021
The meeting was held in the school library
Those in attendance were Kelle Johnson, Mike Hipwell, Sharon Brown and Shirley Passey
  1. We reviewed the 2019-2020 Trust Land and reported on the goals.   We confirmed that the goals were partially met with beginning and middle of the year data but was unable to show end of year data due to Covid.  The budget was used as allocated

  2. Then we looked at the 2020-2021 Trust Land and TSSA plans and shared how the money is being used this year to support the current goals.

  3. We also reviewed the Trust Land and TSSA plan for the 2021.2022 school year and voted on the approval of the plan.  A detailed email was sent out to Shalise Rasmussen and Theodore Rock, who was unable to attend the meeting in person, to look at the plan and vote to approve or disapprove.   They both approved the plan for the 2021.2022 school year.   

    1. The first goal is a reading goal and we discussed how we will keep the reading goal K-3rd grade and use Acadience/DIBELS assessment to measure success.  

    2. The second goal is a math goal for 3rd -6th and we have adjusted to say students will show a year’s worth of growth measured by IXL (online math program) or grade level benchmarks.

  4. Kelly motioned to vote on the Trust Land Goals and budget. Mike second and all agreed.   

    1. We asked about who would be on the Community Council next year. If anyone is interested in being on the Council they should contact Mrs. Passey.

  5. Mike Hipwell, Shalise Rasmussen, Kelly Johnson and Mrs. Brown are all willing to stay on the community council during the 2021.2022 school year.

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