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CELL PHONE POLICY--YOU MAY PICK UP A PAPER COPY TO FILL OUT IN THE OFFICE. Digital copies should be available 4th quarter. 



Inappropriate and vulgar language has no place in school.  Please work with us on this and also with your children.


Students are expected to be in school each day unless ill or properly excused by a parent or guardian.  Parents please know where your children are during the school day.  When a student is absent, the parent/guardian should send an excuse with the child when he/she returns to school.


All bicycles must be locked up during school hours.  The school cannot be responsible for bicycles, locks or accessories. Students are not allowed to ride their bikes during the school day.


These are not allowed at school except on special occasions, with permission of the teacher.


Please label all coats, boots, etc.  Lost and found articles are just outside of the Media Center.

School Dress Policy:

The following dress code has been adopted to promote safety, personal hygiene, and a proper academic environment.  Students are expected to maintain a type fo dress that is clean, modest, and is not distracting to teachers or other students and not detrimental or disruptive to the educational process.

  1. Clothing not ordinarily worn in the workplace may not be worn at school. (i.e., robes, pajamas, house slippers, mutilated clothing, etc.).
  2. Shoes must be worn at all times.  For safety reasons, flip flop and platform shoes are discouraged at school.
  3. Shorts and skirts must be at least finger-tip length and not present a distraction in the classroom.
  4. Shirts and tops may not have bare midriffs, or be revealing at the neck, stomach and/or armholes.  The ball of the shoulder must be covered.  Tank tops, athletic undershirts, halter tops, spaghetti strap shirts, and bare midriff shirts are not allowed at school.
  5. Underwear must be worn underneath clothing and may not be worn outside of or on top of other clothing, or where it is exposed or can be seen.  Sagging pants must not reveal underwear.
  6. Clothing with designs, printed words, or slogans that are suggestive, obscene, in poor taste, or that refer to a substance or activity which is illegal for a minor will not be allowed- clothing which refers to ales, beer, or other alcoholic beverages, smoked or smokeless tobacco, breweries, or illegal drugs may not be worn.
  7. Hats or other types of head covering, such as scarves, sweatbands or bandanas, may not be worn in the building.
  8. Sunglasses may not be worn in the building.
  9. Educationally distracting hair color or makeup will not be allowed.   Hair or makeup which is so conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere at school will not be allowed.

10. Clothing attachments, jewelry, or accessories which could be considered weapons, which could pose a potential risk of injury to the wearer or others, or which could be considered to be disruptive to the educational process may not be worn.  Chains longer than 8 inches may not be worn.

11.  Inappropriate and distracting tattoos may not be displayed.

Digital Media Devices/Cell Phone Policy:

We are committed to ensure that a DMD does not interfere with the learning environment and safety procedures or infringe on the privacy of others at North Ogden Elementary.  Therefore, the following procedures will apply to student use of a DMD on school property during school hours:

  1. DMD including student cell phones, music devices, gaming devices, cameras, etc. should not be used during school hours. They are not to be seen, heard or used in any way.
  2. Any DMD seen, heard or used will be confiscated and held in the office.  Parents may pick up the device in the office.
  3. The first offense is a warning.  Subsequent offenses may result in a one day suspension of the student.
  4. The office phone is available for student use, with adult referral, during the school day.  Parents should call the school to get messages to students.
  5. School personnel will not be held responsible for DMD that are lost, stolen or broken at school.
  6. School administration or designee may search DMD based on reasonable suspicion that they may contain evidence of a violation of school/district rules or policy.
  7. School district policies and state and federal laws regarding illegal content on DMD will be enforced.
  8. Any exception to the above procedures must be approved by the building administrator.

Release of Students:

For safety reasons, release of students during the school day must be done through the office.  Only those students with proper authorization will be allowed to leave.   PLEASE DO NOT TAKE STUDENTS FROM THE PLAYGROUND WITHOUT CHECKING THEM OUT THROUGH THE OFFICE.


Children should respect adults.  Any staff member at Kanesville has the right to communicate with any student should conditions warrant.  Students should be taught to respect property and be responsible for lost or damaged school property.


IT IS CRITIAL THAT STUDENTS BE ON TIME FOR SCHOOL.  When students come late to class, they miss out on learning, as well as disrupt the learning process.  School begins at 8:45 am.  Please make sure your children are on time. It is imperative to teach them the importance of being on time.  When your child is late, please have them check in with the office prior to going to class.

Use of School Telephones:

Students except in emergencies should not use the office phone.  Students must get permission from their teacher to use the telephone.

Bus Regulations-


All students riding buses are expected to comply with the following:

  1. Be courteous to the bus driver, to fellow pupils, and passers-by.
  2. Be on time at the designated bus stop both morning and afternoon.
  3. Walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic, when coming to meet the bus.
  4. Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  5. Follow directions of the driver in placement on the bus.
  6. Cross the road according to the proper safety procedures.
  7. Do not extend hands, arms, head or any part of the body through bus windows.
  8. Do not open or close windows without permission of the driver.
  9. Do not attempt to leave the bus other than at a regular stop.

10. Talk in normal tones and refrain from loud or vulgar language.

11.  Help keep the bus clean and exercise care to prevent damage.

12. Do not open the emergency door except in case of emergency.

13. Do not, in any manner, destroy school property.

Students who refuse to obey promptly the directions of the driver or fail to observe any of the above regulations forfeit the privilege of riding the bus.

Please review safety rules for walking, boarding, and riding the buses with your children. Presentations and lessons are planned to reinforce this at school during the year.


Due to serious liability and safety concerns with bussing children, the district has asked us to strictly adhere to the bussing policy.

The policy states that drivers are not authorized to allow children to change buses or stop at unassigned spots.

Transporting children to such activities as parties, scouts, sleepovers, achievement days, piano, etc. will not be allowed. Students not on the regular passenger list will not be permitted to ride the bus.  If you feel you must request an exception to this policy, because of extenuating circumstances, (ie: a relative may be taking care of your children while you are out of town), you will need to fill out and get signed a copy of the bussing form from the school office.  You may also call the transportation supervisor at 476-7937 if you have concerns.  We appreciate your cooperation with this important safety issue.




Every year questions are asked regarding transportation.   Please note in the below policies that elementary students who live beyond 1.5 miles from the school are eligible to ride the bus.  Those students who qualify to ride a bus are to be dropped off and picked up at their regularly assigned bus stop.  Transporting students to daycare or non-related school activities is not allowed.

There must be a minimum of ten students for an established bus route.  If students qualify for a bus and the route does not meet this requirement, a bus will not be provided. In this situation, parents may be reimbursed for transporting their child/children.

We appreciate our Transportation Department and the fabulous work they do.  If you would like to review our busing policies and procedures, you can locate this on Weber School District’s website under Departments/Transportation. 

Weber School District Elementary Education 

 Bus Locator Information

Bussing Procedures

Due to liability and safety concerns, the district strictly adheres to the busing procedure set forth by the Weber School District, the Utah State Office of Education and Risk Management.

The procedure states that school bus drivers are not authorized to allow eligible students, those who are assigned to their bus route, to be dropped off or picked up at unauthorized bus stops nor to allow students not assigned to their bus route to ride the school bus.  Ineligible students, those who do not qualify for busing services, are also not allowed to ride the school bus to or from school.

Transporting students to such activities as parties, scouts, sleepovers, achievement days, piano lessons, daycare, etc. will not be allowed.  The school bus is only to be used for transporting eligible students to and from their registered residence.


3. Bus Routes:  Bus routes will be established at the beginning of each school year in accordance with the regulations listed above and in accordance with sound economical and safety practices.  Buses will be routed in such a manner as to provide approved transportation services that are economically feasible, safe and practical. The minimum number of general education students required to establish a route is ten: the minimum number of students with disabilities is five.


2. Parents of elementary students who live beyond 1.5 miles from the established bus route and parents of secondary students who live beyond two miles from the established bus route may be reimbursed an amount determined by the Board of Education for transporting their students from their registered address to the nearest bus stop on the regular bus route.



The school building will be open to students eating breakfast at 8:15 am. Buses will arrive at approximately 8:15. The cafeteria serves breakfast at a fee from 8:15-8:30. Classrooms will be open to students at 8:30. Weather permitting; students are encouraged to remain outside until the teacher welcomes them in. Please help see that students arrive no earlier than fifteen minutes before school starts.

If you are dropping your students off or picking them up from school, please parkyour car in an appropriate parking space and escort your child across the bus lanes. All walking (any student that does not ride the bus) will line up at the flag pole after school until escorted by a parent or the buses have left.


Weber School District Student Discipline Policy and Safe School Policy

Digital Media Device Policy

Digital media devices include, but are not limited to: cell phones, pagers, computers, cameras, audio recorders, PDA’s, radios, CD/DVD players, USB thumb drives, video games; Game Boy, Nintendo DS, PSP, and other electronic or battery-powered instruments/toys. These devices have increased in our community and in the schools. While digital media devices can be beneficial, their misuse may be disruptive to a positive learning environment and may infringe on the privacy and rights of others. In order to maximize a positive learning environment at North Ogden Elementary the following procedures concerning the use of DMD will apply:

Use of any and all DMD is prohibited while on school grounds. They are not to be turned on or visible except with the consent and under the supervision of a teacher and/or an administrator. If there is a medical or other need, individual exceptions will be considered by the teacher and/or administrator.

The office phone is available for students and parents/guardians to contact each other in case of a school/personal issue or emergency, 801-452-4300.

School personnel are not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged DMD.
Infractions of this policy will result in the following possible consequences depending on the infraction:

  • Student will be reminded of school policy and instructed to comply.
  • DMD will be confiscated from the student. Students will be allowed to retrieve their property at the end of the school day. A parent will be notified.
  • DMD will be taken from the student and given to the administration and may be held in the office until a parent/guardian can pick it up. A parent will be notified.
  • Student is subject to disciplinary action “up to and including suspension from school” at the discretion of the school administration.

Additional provisions:

A student is prohibited from taking video of another individual (staff or student) without that person's consent, and if a person violates this provision, not only will the phone be confiscated but the video will also be deleted

Misuse of DMD is additionally addressed in Weber School District Policy 8350 (Digital Media Devices) and Policy 5200 (Student Discipline Policy, Safe School Policy).
The teacher and the office personnel will do their best to guard and protect confiscated DMD, but are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft.
All devices that have not been picked up before June 5th will be donated.
Searches of DMD are only conducted if there is “reasonable suspicion” of prohibited content or to determine the owner.

Students attending North Ogden Elementary should dress appropriately to not detract from the learning environment and exhibit pride in themselves and North Ogden. Clothing that is distracting, detrimental, disruptive, or unsafe for any reason is not acceptable attire. Specifically, the following should be avoided and will not be allowed at North Ogden Elementary School:

Clothing which displays obscene, suggestive, vulgar, lewd words, messages, or pictures: clothing that advertises controlled substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs and breweries, contains sexual content or which is otherwise plainly  offensive.
Inappropriate short, tight, revealing, mutilated, ragged or otherwise disruptive appearance or attire. (A good way to make sure items of clothing are long enough is to have your child put their hands to their sides. If their fingertips are touching skin, the item of clothing is too short for  school.)
Bare or stocking feet. It is recommended  that students avoid high heels, flip flops and slip-on shoes. Heelys are also not allowed. (This type of footwear contributes to falls and accidents in the classroom, during P.E., and on the playground.) State law requires that shoes will be worn at school at all times.
Apparel or accessories with gang symbols,  monikers, insignias or other gang identifiers.
No headwear will be permitted. This  includes but is not limited to hats, caps, scarves, bandanas, hoodies,  etc.
All shirts, tops, and dresses must have a  sleeve. Sleeves must cover the ball of the shoulder.
Excessively baggy, ‘sagging’ pants or shorts are not permitted. No underwear showing.
Clothing that exposes bare midriffs
Potentially dangerous apparel items such as spiked clothing, bracelets, large or long chains, or unsafe accessories  will not be allowed.
Students who violate this policy:

-Student’s parents/guardians will be notified of dress code violation.

-If further inappropriate or chronic dress code violations continue, disciplinary action may be taken, which includes, but is not limited to suspension and/or referral to the district office.

The school may make exceptions to the dress standard for special occasions. It is expected and appreciated that parents who spend time at our school follow the above dress code as well.

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