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Immunization letter-6th grade

Dear Parents,

The TDAP, Meningitis and 2 doses of Varicella are required for 7th grade entry. 

These vaccines can be given when a student is 11years old. If you are able to receive these vaccines during the 6th grade year, please provide a copy of received vaccines to your elementary School Nurse and they will be updated on your student’s school record. This will make 7th grade registration easier if these vaccines are taken care of this year.

Recommended immunizations in addition to the above required immunizations:

  • Gardasil to prevent HPV (recommended for both girls and boys)
  • Flu shot every year

Where can you get your child immunized?

  • Your personal Health Care Provider
  • Weber Morgan Health Department 477 23rd St., Ogden.
  • Midtown Clinic 2240 Adams Ave.  Ogden


For those with a Personal, Medical or Religious Exemption: there will be an online course that is required to take for 7th grade entry.


~Jamie Abney BSN, RN

WSD School Nurse