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Digital Device Policy

Digital Media Device (DMD) including Cell Phone Policy

North Ogden Elementary is committed to making sure that a DMD doesn’t infringe on the privacy of others or interfere with our learning environment and safety procedures. In order to do this, the following procedures will apply to the use of a DMD on school property during school hours:

  • DMDs (including student cell phones, music and gaming devices, etc.) should not  be used during school hours. It is strongly recommended that these devices don’t come to school at all. Misuse of the DMD may result in the confiscation of the device. Confiscated devices can be picked up at the school office by parents. Three offenses in a year may lead to consequences including, but not limited to, behavior contracts, loss of privileges, and suspension. The office phone is available for students to contact parents in case of a school issue or emergency. Parents can also call the school to get messages to their child. School  personnel WILL NOT be held responsible for DMDs that are misplaced, lost, or stolen. School district policies and State and Federal laws regarding DMDs will be enforced. The office phone is NOT available to students to schedule play dates. Thank you for your support as we work together to provide a productive and safe learning environment for our students.
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Weber School District Adheres to:

34A-5-106. Utah Antidiscrimination Act Section 106

Discriminatory or prohibited employment practices -- Permitted practices.

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