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Dress Code Policy

Students attending North Ogden Elementary should dress appropriately to not detract from the learning environment and exhibit pride in themselves and North Ogden. Clothing that is distracting, detrimental, disruptive, or unsafe for any reason is not acceptable attire. Specifically, the following should be avoided and will not be allowed at North Ogden Elementary School:

Clothing which displays obscene, suggestive, vulgar, lewd words, messages, or pictures: clothing that advertises controlled substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs and breweries, contains sexual content or which is otherwise plainly  offensive.
Inappropriate short, tight, revealing, mutilated, ragged or otherwise disruptive appearance or attire. (A good way to make sure items of clothing are long enough is to have your child put their hands to their sides. If their fingertips are touching skin, the item of clothing is too short for  school.)
Bare or stocking feet. It is recommended  that students avoid high heels, flip flops and slip-on shoes. Heelys are also not allowed. (This type of footwear contributes to falls and accidents in the classroom, during P.E., and on the playground.) State law requires that shoes will be worn at school at all times.
Apparel or accessories with gang symbols,  monikers, insignias or other gang identifiers.
No headwear will be permitted. This  includes but is not limited to hats, caps, scarves, bandanas, hoodies,  etc.
All shirts, tops, and dresses must have a  sleeve. Sleeves must cover the ball of the shoulder.
Excessively baggy, ‘sagging’ pants or shorts are not permitted. No underwear showing.
Clothing that exposes bare midriffs
Potentially dangerous apparel items such as spiked clothing, bracelets, large or long chains, or unsafe accessories  will not be allowed.
Students who violate this policy:

-Student’s parents/guardians will be notified of dress code violation.

-If further inappropriate or chronic dress code violations continue, disciplinary action may be taken, which includes, but is not limited to suspension and/or referral to the district office.

The school may make exceptions to the dress standard for special occasions. It is expected and appreciated that parents who spend time at our school follow the above dress code as well.